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  • Landing page

    Landing page, what’s that?

    The term ‘landing page design’ has now taken the web design and development industry by storm. Well, as the name implies, landing page is the place where your target audience lands after they click on the link in the SERPs. In fact any page can be designed as your landing page, however, in the strictest sense of the term the landing page should be a special page to welcome, impress and guide the visitors. Yes, you are right the landing page provide the greatest opportunity to put forth the sales pitch while leading visitors to your site, thus resulting into more business.

    Why a separate landing page?

    Yes, you need a separate welcome page as the landing page because by assigning a special page to welcome your visitors, you actually avail a state of the art opportunity in addressing their generic requirements or offer specific solutions.

  • The landing page helps in capturing their attention which in turn wins the confidence of you faithful audience for a successful sales pitch.
  • Often specific and separate landing pages become essential if signing up, registration, or buying is involved.
  • When the traffic comes through paid banner ads, Pay Per Click (PPC) or sponsored links, having a separate landing page designed become all the more important.
  • Effective guidelines for Landing Page design

    Your landing page is certainly not your main site but stands as an important marketing copy to steer in target audience to your website. Quite ideally therefore the design of your landing pages needs to be extremely professional to represent your brand while mirroring the design of the specific offer or relevant content.

    Let’s face this; if the structure and design of the landing page is not enough focused, then visitors will just abandon the page and the Google analytics will show you how the page is bouncing back. Honestly, visitors also don’t have the time to make sure on which page they are, hence if your landing page doesn’t complement your online ad creative or fails to match with the page content, they won’t stick around.

    Specific landing pages should adhere to the following effective guidelines

  • Never include all the information of your site in this page. Rather keep the message short and include a single message to make it prominent.
  • Use an appealing headline to hold the visitors attention.
  • Do not underestimate the visual effect of the landing page
  • Keep the navigation as much trouble free as you can.
  • Try and provide adequate white space to make the page clutter-free
  • We make effective landing pages

    As one of the leading web design company, at Sixaxis we design state of the art landing pages. We believe that the main objective of the landing page is to convert a prospect by having them register information with your site. In fact this information could be for anything ranging from a free whitepaper to an online newsletter or a free demo, or for any other call to action.

    Consider the following points when designing the landing page

  • The aim of the landing page should be to sell new visitors on your company hence the ‘The Member Sign’ option is necessary.
  • Try to offer something in the landing page in exchange for the signup. Some of the popular offers in exchange for signups are whitepapers, podcasts, or free consultations.
  • Structure and design your information and call to action in such a way so that it is available to as many people as possible. Yes, correct, this means that you even have to optimize it for the palmtops.
  • Keep the main navigation uncomplicated and do not overwhelm visitors with menu options because menu options encourage them to leave the landing page and registration form.
  • Do not write a lot; rather try to minimize the amount of text on the page.
  • Our panel of experienced web designers knows the secret of designing simple yet enticing landing pages. We even customize the landing pages and focus on a particular service or product that you offer. We know that a good landing page should have all those that a visitor needs to make an informed decision. The landing pages which web design are easy to navigate and also showcase a clear path to these conversions. At Sixaxis, we leave no stone unturned to harness proven marketing techniques in increasing your sales and in designing your landing pages.

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