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    In this online world, web use has increased enormously with e commerce now booming and giving the retailers a run for money. Even consumers today expect that everything that they need or want can be found on the World Wide Web. To match up the pace and this customer expectation it is perhaps the best time to establish an internet marketing presence and the very best way to build the website is now by following the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methodologies.

    Just jotting down the information on the page with good visual appeal is not enough now, because scouring through the net there are little crawlers as well as the real time internet users looking for fresh and interesting content. In fact the design structure of the site influence one important factor, i.e., how ‘crawl-able’ the site is for the search engines and how easily navigable the site is for the users. Having a well navigable website is therefore extremely important if you are seeking to create a strong web presence for your business. On the other hand you also require a well optimized website that is geared for success by achieving high search engine rankings.

    The key aspects of SEO web design include

  • Solid web architecture
  • Faster loading pages
  • Optimized graphic images
  • Instinctive navigational structure
  • Keyword rich web copy
  • Optimized HTML tags and optimized internal linking
  • As one of the leading web design company at Sixaxis we understand the significance of a well designed SEO website hence with a team of expert designers offer you nothing but the best. Our SEO website design is customized as per your preference and also stands as a cutting edge process of planning, analyzing and implementation of web design and web development technique.

    The frame work for our search engine friendly design includes all of the following steps:-

    Planning -> Analysis -> Design -> Implementation -> Testing -> Maintenance

    Planning: For SEO website design planning is important. In our design planning we take care of the following aspects

  • We try and understand the belief and goal of your target audience
  • We illustrate the effective voice of your company
  • Our web designers find out more about the products/features which will and will not be accepted by your audience
  • We enable your company in making informed decisions
  • Analysis: Once we plan well and determine what your site is going to be we analyze your competition. How your competitors are accomplishing their goals? We try to gauge the part where your competitor lacks and then analyze the aspect with which you can offer something more. Precisely, we try to analyze how to put you above them. We take the following steps

  • We identify the level of your competition
  • We use the link tracking methodology
  • We identify the highly searched keyword
  • Design: Once we have planned and analyzed your site we focus on the most important aspect of SEO friendly design and that is we evaluate and assess your users requirement.

  • How your users are going to navigate through?
  • What are the colors and typography will make them to delve deeper into the site?
  • Whether to use the drop down menus or the left-hand or right-hand navigation?
  • What type of architecture should bring out the true tone of the site?
  • How will be the navigation like for the real users and also for the Search Engines?
  • What do the search engines reward and want to see for placing your site up the rank pages?
  • Do you already have SEO content or will you have to have it written?
  • What about being W3C compliant?
  • Implementation: After we are through with the architecture of the site we build the templates and write the SEO friendly content. These are in fact the most crucial elements to ensure that your site has the required ‘curb appeal.’

    Testing & Maintenance: Testing of the site is an important step. At Sixaxis we go through every inch of the site to know where you site is getting bogged down or where the real users are getting confused or lost. We check the site in various browsers and also take care of the issue of broken links.

    We also maintain your website to tune your keyword list in order to retain the ranking of your site. However, at this part the job of the Web designer ends and the task of the SEO and SEM expert begins.

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